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DUI law is one of the most complex laws in VA and requires unique defenses from VA lawyers. You will be baffled to know that the fines for DUI offenses are at times exorbitant. It can start as a simple traffic stop but can affect your driving record. The cost for repeat offenses in VA is more severe. VA treats these offenses very seriously. For this reason, consulting with Prince William County VA lawyers is essential to protect your constitutional rights at every stage of your DUI case.

In Prince William County VA, your initial two DUI convictions within ten years are considered class one misdemeanors, say VA lawyers. A third one is a class six felony. After reviewing the particulars of the DUI accusation in Prince William County, the Prince William County lawyers will provide you with a clear outline of the DUI penalties and the defenses which can be employed in your case to avoid conviction or reduce your charges. A first-time offender in Prince William County can face one year jail time a $2,500 fine, and a mandatory loss of VA driving privileges for 12 months. Lawyers in Prince William County VA can help you frame perfect defenses for your DUI accusation. Under certain conditions in VA, the judge may grant you restricted driving privileges. DUI lawyers in Prince William County VA can be of assistance to preserve your driving privileges and can defend your record in Prince William County.

Incarceration For Drunken Driving

This depends upon your driving record, say Virginia lawyers. If it is your first DUI in Prince William County VA, you are likely not to be imprisoned. On the other hand in VA, if your blood alcohol content (BAC) is 0.15% and not more than 0.20% at the time of arrest, there is a minimum five-day jail term. If it is your second conviction in VA at this BAC level within 10 years a mandatory minimum 10-day jail term can be imposed. If your BAC is .15 and .20% at the time of arrest, you may be imposed with a mandatory minimum 10-day jail term. A second DUI conviction in Prince William County VA within 10 years with a BAC level over .20%, can result in a mandatory minimum 20-day confinement term. For repeat convictions in VA, consulting experienced and trustworthy lawyers is essential.

The DUI lawyers at The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. have efficiently supported clients like you in dealing with multiple DUI charges in Prince William County. Speak to our proficient lawyers in Prince William County and proceed confidently with the VA charge.

Questions Concerning Validity Of The Traffic Stop

Virginia DUI Lawyers

A law enforcement officer in VA cannot stop you for DUI without reason. The officer in Prince William County, VA should have a valid cause to stop you or should suspect that you are drunk. If a judge finds that the officer did not have any reason to stop you, your Prince William County case will be dismissed. Examples of driving actions that can lead to DUI presumption are: driving too leisurely, driving swiftly, weaving or collapsing to keep up the lane, turning over sharply, contravening traffic signs.

If you have been arrested in Prince William County for DUI, the law enforcement officer; observes you for signs of intoxication together with slurred speech, bloodshot eyes, and the lack of ability to obey the officer’s commands.

To fight a DUI conviction in Prince William County VA, do not hesitate to obtain professional advice from lawyers. It is always advisable to have experienced lawyers from Prince William County by your side when you are charged with DUI. Experienced lawyers in Prince William County are generally well acquainted with the procedure and can provide you appropriate guidance on how to proceed. The guidance of skilled VA lawyers in Prince William County directs the case to a probable outcome.

Field Sobriety Test Results

If you are stopped for DUI in Prince William County, the officer can conduct a field sobriety test (FST). It need not be a single field sobriety test. The Prince William County officer is at liberty to make more than one test. You may refuse such tests. Denial cannot be used against you in Prince William County court. FSTs are used to prove probable cause for a DUI arrest. As a driver on the Prince William County roads, you may be asked to do any of the following: horizontal gaze nystagmus (HGN), nine-step walk and turn, one-leg stand, nose touch, recite the alphabet.

FSTs that are conducted inappropriately are not admissible in the Prince William County VA court. Our DUI lawyers will collect all information provided by you about the FST to check whether there were any irregularities. Irregularities are generally alleged when the officer failed to comply with specific procedures while commanding you to perform the tests. Lawyers in Virginia can invalidate the results of the tests based on the client’s medical conditions or treatment at the time of the test. If the DUI lawyers find that the test has been improperly conducted, the Prince William County officials will be aggressively cross-examined to prove irregularities and obtain dismissal.

If you have any queries about FSTs in P William County, VA you should not hesitate in contacting the experienced lawyers in Prince William County.

Breathalyzer Test

You can turn down the preliminary breath test, which is conducted at the DUI traffic stop in Prince William County. There are no specific penalties for turning down this initial test in PW County. On the other hand, once you are under arrest, VA implied consent law applies. The implied law in VA provides that by driving on a public highway you have agreed to take a breath or blood test to allow the officers to gauge the level of alcohol or drugs. If you decline to take this test, there are consequences and the Prince William County court will hold that you refused the test without reason leading to another offense. This brings a penalty of a one-year suspension of the VA driver’s license. You are also not entitled to a restricted driver’s license.

PBT At The Traffic Stop And PBT At The Police Station

There are two breath analysis tests imposed on you in PW County. The first is the preliminary breath test (PBT) taken at the PW County traffic stop to ascertain the probable cause for the DUI stop. The second test is conducted at the Prince William police station or in VA jail.

PBT tests are accepted in Prince William VA court as evidence only to prove probable cause in the pre-trial hearing. They cannot be used against you to prove that you are guilty of DUI. For admitting the results of the test as evidence, the officer must have complied with the required procedure. The procedure for conducting these tests has certain standards properly explained in the operator’s instruction manual.

Once you are arrested, implied consent law applies. If the breath or blood test is conducted after your VA arrest, you cannot refuse it. If such a test indicates that your BAC was above legal limits, you should seek professional advice from experienced Prince William lawyers. DUI lawyers in Prince William County are experienced in overturning DUI convictions based on improper procedures.

One of the common reasons for the dismissal of the DUI charge in P William is that the equipment used for these analyses provided inaccurate results. The breath check device can present false readings due to other chemicals in the blood or due to any other health issues of the driver.

The experienced lawyers at The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. VA are well versed with the procedure of dismissing the drunken driving charge in Prince William. If the proof of prosecution cannot be rebutted, the DUI lawyers will take efforts to negotiate a favorable plea.

What Happens At The Trial?

Facing a DUI trial in Prince William VA can be a challenging process. It is highly complicated. Speaking to DUI lawyers before proceeding with the trial is essential. The DUI lawyers in Prince William County VA will explain the possibilities of how to win.

The DUI lawyers in Prince William County are aware of how the process works. They can offer expert advice at every state from bonds to the reversal of the conviction. Speak to such proficient DUI lawyers in Prince William County to understand complicated criminal terminology such as arraignment, bond, evidence, etc. Lawyers in Virginia can help clients in dismissing the charge by filing for suppressing evidence that has been illegally obtained from the client. Further, the role of lawyers is significant in cases where clients’ rights have been violated in collecting evidence against him by the enforcement officers.

Our lawyers are preferred due to their client-friendly approach. You require assistance from client-friendly lawyers in Prince William VA as you should understand the pleadings prepared and filed. If you have retained the services of truly proficient lawyers, you do not have to appear for the arraignment in Prince William Court. Generally at the arraignment, the accused is notified of the charge against him, his right to hire a lawyer, and the date of the trial.

Plea Bargain with the Prosecutor

An important role of your DUI lawyers in Prince William County, VA is negotiating with the commonwealth lawyers. If the DUI lawyers are talented in aggressive negotiation with the prosecution, you can receive a reduced sentence as part of the guilty plea. Be cautious, not all charges need to be pled guilty. Only experienced lawyers can differentiate between a case that can result in dismissal and a case that requires a guilty plea. Though the decision to plead guilty rests with the accused, it is advisable to follow the suggestions of DUI lawyers in this aspect.

Mostly Prince William County DUI cases are settled before they set off to trial. That doesn’t imply you are required to plead guilty and let the commonwealth lawyers have the upper hand. It means experienced Prince William County lawyers persuade the prosecution for a deal that benefits you without having to go to VA trial. Lawyers will inform that the tension associated with a plea deal is lesser compared to the agony of proceeding with the trial such as DUI fines, license suspension, ignition interlock devices, insurance premiums, and lost earnings.

When you proceed with pleading guilty without trial in Prince William County, you will suffer the abovementioned costs. Just imagine losing your VA license for a whole year. This will impact your everyday existence. Your fine for a first DUI wrongdoing in VA can be $2,500. A DUI conviction will drastically blow up your upcoming insurance costs, and it will stay on your record for 11 years. In VA, you can be fired from your employment for DUI. These are the points you need to discuss with proficient Prince William County VA lawyers before pleading guilty.

First Time Offenders

Mandatory minimum confinement for blood alcohol content (BAC) over 0.14 for the first-time offender, are five days for BAC levels 0.15 -0.20, and ten days for BAC levels beyond 0.20.

If you are a first-time offender in Prince William County VA with a BAC below 0.14 you will be condemned to 48 hours in jail if the following factors exist, the defendant has not caused an accident in the past, the driving behavior was not reckless, the driver had an authorized VA driver’s license, the driver’s VA driving record has no demerit points, and the driver did not pose an arrogant attitude with the police officer during the traffic stop in Prince William County.

After thoroughly analyzing the facts of your case, lawyers in Virginia will decide the best course of action in the Prince William County court. Securing a final order of not guilty is the prime motive of skilled DUI lawyers. Speaking to the lawyers at The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. will provide you valuable insight into how lawyers can proceed to reduce the felony charge into a misdemeanor charge in Prince William County VA. There are many stages for the DUI offense, speak to Prince William County VA lawyers who are proficient in handling such charges to know the best way forward.

What Happens To My License After The Conviction?

You should speak to DUI lawyers in Prince William County, VA to arrive at a clear understanding of what happens to your license after the DUI conviction. Conviction of first DUI in VA can result in 1-year driver’s license revocation. Conviction of second DUI in VA can result in 3-year driver’s license revocation. Conviction of third DUI in VA within 10 years can result in indefinite driver’s license revocation.

DUI defense lawyers who know the options will make all efforts to frame a winning strategy unique for your case in P William County VA. Also, experienced DUI lawyers in Prince William County VA will carefully analyze the case and check whether the officers committed any violation while interrogating the client.

How Expensive Is Fighting The Charge?

The costs that can be incurred in combating a DUI charge in Prince William can be shocking. It would be better to retain lawyers in Prince William County after obtaining information about their fees. You can explain your financial circumstances, and set up a payment schedule. This way, the expenses remain manageable. It is important to maintain a balance between quality and costs. Just because you are unable to spend high amounts on legal fees, it does not mean that you should be denied the right to quality legal representation. Speak to DUI lawyers about their fees during your initial consultation and proceed with hiring VA DUI lawyers who charge moderately.

How To Work Constructively With Your DUI Lawyers?

If you have been charged with DUI in VA, the earlier you speak to defense lawyers, the better off you will be. DUI laws are elaborate. While the laws are severe and the penalties are harsh, they can also be used in your defense by experienced and skilled VA DUI lawyers.

Whether guilty or not, preparing defense strategies is mandatory. Taking the decision of self-representation in the DUI case in Prince William County can be detrimental. One mistake in hiring competent lawyers can ruin your reputation. By hiring lawyers in VA, you are shifting the burden of dealing with the complicated procedure on to the lawyers. Dealing with the court procedures in addition to the burden of being accused of the DUI charge in Prince William County can be extremely burdensome.

DUI lawyers in Virginia can assist in reducing the sentence imposed in VA. If you are imposed with license suspension in Prince William County, you can revoke the license suspension with the guidance of DWI lawyers. To learn more about your rights and defenses speak to our DWI attorneys. Our knowledgeable lawyers with expertise in defense will guide you with all possibilities to reverse your conviction.


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