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Virginia has 95 counties and 39 cities including Alexandria, Hampton, and Fairfax City and each county have a semi-independent judicial system and these counties can create laws over the existing laws. The Virginia Beach DUI attorneys from the Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. are well-versed in local driving under influence laws giving you quick respite from the case. A person arrested in this context can be charged with any of the violations according to the Virginia state law, County code, and Town or city ordinance.

The complexity of the nature of driving under influence cases forces drivers to seek the assistance of reputed Virginia Beach DUI attorneys from the Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. Our experience in the above laws gives us an edge over others. Since there are variations in the state, county, and city laws, it is crucial to take your summon to senior Virginia Beach DUI attorneys at the Law Offices of SRIS, P.C to better understand the charges.

The driving under influence charges cannot be taken lightly and need competent Virginia Beach DUI attorneys to help you get through the process unscathed. The crux of the matter is that there are elaborate codes, punishment categories, and case laws to be referred, and the conviction is based on the BAC levels and the judge’s discretion amongst various other factors.

The conviction for Driving Under Influence can also be based on factors such as:

  1. The Blood Alcohol Content level over .08 while operating a motor vehicle;
  2. Under the influence of alcohol while operating a motor vehicle;
  3. Under the influence of banned drug impairing safety while operating a motor vehicle;
  4. Under the influence of drug or alcohol while operating a motor vehicle;
  5. Having a small amount of PCP, meth amphetamines, cocaine, or ecstasy in the blood while operating a motor vehicle.

How is ‘operating’ defined?

Anyone sitting behind the steering wheel when parked and the keys in the ignition or mechanical or electrical system are running is treated as operating. The person can be charged even if the vehicle is stuck or has a flat tire. If you were not behind the wheel or the engine was not on while being charged, do not delay any further in contacting the Law Offices of SRIS, P.C., as our Virginia Beach DUI attorneys will explain your rights to you.

Can I resist an arrest?

Resisting an arrest means running or walking away from the police officer. It is a Class 1 misdemeanor and punishable by up to 12 months in prison and a $2,500 fine. Call Virginia Beach attorneys, if you are accused of resisting an arrest as it turns out against you during the trial.

A driver refusing to pull over may also be charged for eluding the police and seeking the assistance of Virginia Beach DUI attorneys is the right alternative in such cases. This offense falls under Class 2 misdemeanor with a jail sentence up to six months. If the driver risks the safety of others, it may be classified under Class 6 felony with up to five years in jail. In these circumstances, only skilled and experienced Virginia Beach DUI attorneys can come to your rescue.

Driving under influence arrest in Virginia Beach, VA

Abiding by traffic rules is mandatory and requires complete attention from the drivers. Traffic regulations should be followed strictly to ensure the safety of all drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. Violations of these rules lead to serious legal consequences. People convicted of Driving Under Influence charges are likely to face severe penalties, once proven guilty. In these circumstances, it is advisable to engage Virginia Beach DUI attorneys as they help maneuver through all legal procedures. Those accused of drunken driving can contact the best Virginia Beach DUI attorneys to avail clarifications on the nature of jury and bench trials. Virginia Beach DUI attorneys recommend jury trials for specific cases to bring in favorable outcomes.

Virginia Beach DUI attorneys can put forth arguments questioning the authenticity of the breath test conducted on their clients at the time of the arrest. Virginia Beach DUI attorneys can even express doubts about the insobriety of their clients during the arrest. Therefore, the driver detained for the charge should consult Virginia Beach DUI attorneys as they are well acquainted with the local jurisdictions. Virginia Beach attorneys render strong arguments during trials to free their clients from all criminal charges.

Procedures involved in selecting the panel of jury

The process of selecting the members of a jury is legally regarded as voir dire. During this procedure, Virginia Beach DUI attorneys representing both the parties involved interrogate the jurors to check whether the latter is fair and unbiased. The Virginia Beach DUI attorneys look into dissolving all preconceived notions and opinions of the jury. The Virginia Beach DUI attorneys are also eligible to rule out jurors who are unjust and biased. DUI attorneys in Virginia Beach render effective arguments and use all possible means to bring in favorable outcomes for their clients.

Court proceedings about DUI convictions

Individuals arrested on Driving Under Influence charges will find it hard to handle their cases on their own; therefore, it is highly beneficial to contact Virginia Beach DUI attorneys for legal assistance and support. The Virginia Beach DUI attorneys direct their clients through all legal procedures during a trial. The attorneys in Virginia Beach ably express the confessions and opinions of their clients during a hearing. After initiating the arrest, the authorities concerned conduct secondary breath tests on the arrested, and the results obtained along with the other case details are submitted to the magistrate, who upon looking into all facts and analyzing the defenses put forth by Virginia Beach DUI attorneys representing the accused declares the judgment.

Virginia Beach attorneys explain legal proceedings

Arraignments are legal proceedings during which the convicts are elaborated on the charges filed against them. The court will also expatiate on the rights available to the accused to hire Virginia Beach DUI attorneys for legal guidance. Those who are incapable of employing Virginia Beach DUI attorneys due to financial instabilities can seek court counsel.

During plea bargains, Virginia Beach DUI attorneys negotiate with the prosecutors to lessen the charges registered against their clients. The prosecutor representing the state can drop few convictions in return for pleas put forth by the accused accepting guilt.

In the case of the crime, Virginia Beach DUI attorneys lodge petitions to hear motions before the initiation of trials. Virginia Beach attorneys file these requests to suppress the usage of evidence collected by violating the rights of the accused at the time of the arrest.

Bench trials Vs. jury trials

During bench trials, judges hear the cases and propose judgments declaring the accused innocent or guilty, whereas, in the case of a jury trial, an appointed body of citizens probes all evidence submitted at the court and declare fair verdicts. The Virginia Beach DUI attorneys recommend clients to avail bench trials for better outcomes, as under these circumstances those arrested for charges are heard by a judge who in turn declares sentences abiding by the guidelines. Whereas in the case of a jury trial, the legal body appointed to propose verdicts investigate the lawsuit and announce severe penalties after hearing the DUI attorneys in Virginia Beach. Therefore, the individuals heard by the jury initially will look into meeting a judge with the help of the Virginia Beach DUI attorneys to avail sentences lower than that of the ones declared by the jury before.

Distinguishing attributes of driving under influence cases in Virginia Beach

People found to have had a low alcohol content in their blood at the time of arrest can eventually go with jury trials under the guidance of proficient DUI attorneys. Drivers having had low blood alcohol contents during their arrests can hire Virginia Beach DUI attorneys, who put forth arguments exploiting the discrepancies that are probable to occur during the testing process. Breath tests conducted may not be accurate and the assumptions are made vaguely to declare results in a hurry. The Virginia Beach attorneys seek assistance from the best witnesses to claim these flaws. The juries are left perplexed on the re liabilities of the breath tests and subsequently dismiss the case on the benefit of the doubt.

Benefits of availing jury trials

First and foremost, the jurors appointed are individuals from your community and those charged can connect between them, unlike in the case of bench trials. The jury is aware of the fact that the government is bound to look into evidence and proofs beyond doubts and logical reasoning. The Virginia Beach DUI attorneys make use of these benefits to produce the strongest defenses supporting their clients.

The flow of actions during a jury trial

The Virginia Beach DUI attorneys expatiate on the intensity of the penalties that could be incurred on cases involving accidents and the Driving Under Influence drivers possessing prior criminal history and high blood alcohol contents at the time of the arrest. Under these circumstances, juries tend to become more abrasive on the sentences compared to the judges. Thus, the attorneys look to avoid jury trials for their clients as the jurors are likely to propose severe penalties in these cases.

Courts could also announce bond hearings, wherein the people facing charges pay fines amounting to specific sums for their releases. Thus, individuals getting held for charges should seek assistance from efficient Virginia Beach DUI attorneys without any delays to offer the latter the time and space to thoroughly investigate the case.

Legal opinion on commercial driving under influence

In the state, the commercial driving under influence drivers falls under the same VA Code Section 46.2-341.24(A) which is similar to the regular driving under influence. They are also found guilty under the same five ways mentioned above. According to the VA Code Section 46.2-341.24(B), a commercial driver can be booked if BAC is .04 or above. If you have a commercial driver’s license and are arrested for Driving Under Influence, get the assistance of experienced Virginia Beach DUI attorneys at once. Commercial drivers have to face serious charges when compared to other drivers. They are forced to forgo their restricted driver’s license even if they were driving a non-commercial vehicle at the time of the arrest. The Virginia Beach DUI attorneys can provide timely assistance before it is too late. Contact, the Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. right away!

Driving under influence attorneys on expungement

A crime is sure to show up on your criminal record and there are no two ways about it. A criminal record could tarnish your reputation and prove to be a hurdle while you find new jobs, rent a property, traveling abroad for work, or seek university education. The state is strict on criminal offense and getting a Driving Under Influence charge expunged is a tough ask. Contact your Virginia Beach DUI attorneys to find a way out.

Expungement is clearing the DUI conviction from your criminal record. In the state, you can get your record sealed with the help of Virginia Beach DUI attorneys. Though history is accessible by law enforcement authorities, the public like those conducting background checks on you cannot see your DUI record. The record cannot be removed permanently. In the state, your records can be sealed or removed if your case was dismissed by a judge or dropped or if you are found not guilty. Those accused wrongly or innocent can move expungement. If you are seeking expungement, contact reputed Virginia Beach DUI attorneys and seek their suggestions.

If your charges are dropped, you stand a chance for expungement. Do not hesitate and contact your Virginia Beach DUI attorneys at once to get your record cleared of the conviction. An accused found guilty would have to live with the charges forever. However, the good news is nothing is static and you still can have a chance. Contact the Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. and our Virginia Beach DUI attorneys can advise you on this issue.

A Driving Under Influence conviction can leave you with more losses than gains, so if you want to pursue expungement for an earlier DUI arrest or you are suspicious of a recent arrest, your one-stop contact should be the Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. and their experienced and hardworking Virginia Beach DUI attorneys.

Building a robust defense strategy

The Virginia Beach attorneys work hard to approach the problem with an eye for detail. If your Virginia Beach DUI attorneys can come up with flaws in the prosecutor’s case, you may be offered a plea agreement where you can work out a deal before the judge instead of risking a sentence.

The Virginia Beach attorneys have a strong defense if there is no probable cause for arrest. If there is no proper reason for arrest, the charges are null and void and you are free.

The Virginia Beach DUI attorneys can fight for the admissibility of the test certificate. If two officers were involved in the test, one during the arrest and the other during the breath test, both have to be present in the court to make the certificate admissible. If you have any objection, your DUI attorneys will raise it before the trial.

The Virginia Beach DUI attorneys can end the case if the law enforcement officer stopped you without any suspicion of a crime.

An appeal at a higher court can work in your favor despite the lower court convicted you. In many cases, the Virginia Beach DUI attorneys can turn around the case in an appeal. Sometimes it could turn out to be worse too. So, keep your fingers crossed, nothing is lost. Contact the Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. to rate your chance.

Most Virginia Beach DUI attorneys work on delay tactics. There may be situations where the witnesses or the law enforcement officers involved in your case are not available for an appearance. In this case, the trial date gets postponed.

The VA Beach DUI attorneys can challenge the license suspension by the administration. After an arrest, you are left with only seven days to restore the license. Therefore, it is crucial to let the government know you are planning a defense.

Do not expect the DUI charges to be dropped easily. The state is aggressive on DUI offenders, therefore, check with the leading DUI attorneys on your chances of a dismissal or pleading not guilty. The VA DWI attorneys at the Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. can save you from unjust rulings and false arrests. Only VA Beach DUI attorneys can sort matters in a professional matter without having to worry about fines or jail sentences or rehab programs.

The quickest way to get your DUI charges dropped or dismissed or have a sentence reduced is to contact the Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. Our VA Beach DUI lawyers have experience in handling complicated DUI cases; therefore, you can heave a sigh of relief.


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