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The legislation in VA prohibits driving under influence of intoxicants. Despite the enforcement of strict rules governing the driving patterns of the general public, law enforcement authorities stop and apprehend a large number of people for the offense. An arrest can be stressful and pressurizing, but it is important to maintain composure during these circumstances and take the right decision to get you out of the tangle. Effective assistance from the Virginia Beach DUI lawyer is the only means to ably handle the crisis. Therefore, never hesitate to get support from the Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. where our skilled Virginia Beach DUI lawyer offers productive solutions to defend your case.

The nature of a DUI case

Individuals held for drunken driving for the first time are taken into custody. The suspect is asked to blow into a breathalyzer device to determine the alcohol content in the blood. Those arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs by the investigating authorities with probable causes have to undergo mandatory blood tests or breathalyzer examinations. These medical examinations should be performed on the offenders within three hours of the arrest.

In a majority of the cases, a compulsory breath test is observed but in a few circumstances, blood tests are used alternatively. Denial of these medical tests is considered to be a major disregard of the drunken driving laws that eventually incur license suspension for 12 months. Refusal of blood test is regarded as a misdemeanor in circumstances where the drivers are charged with repeat offense within 10 years of their prior accusation.

Courts in VA handle all drunken driving allegations seriously. Judges express no leniency while proposing judgments in such a lawsuit. Therefore, legal assistance from a proactive lawyer at the Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. is a must, when it comes to removing additional or unjust charges. The punishment for driving under the influence of inebriants is severe and grievous. Therefore, individuals apprehended for driving under influence charges should readily seek assistance from the Virginia Beach DUI lawyer to lessen or remove the severity of the penalties incurred by the drivers.

How does your Virginia Beach DUI lawyer seek a continuance in the court?

Courts grant continuances only upon identifying good cause behind the offense. In several cases, people seek continuances to simply postpone their lawsuit unnecessarily. Therefore, requests for continuances with unreasonable motives are neither processed nor considered. Individuals, who require additional time to collect crucial evidence, pertaining to their cases, can seek help from the Virginia Beach DUI lawyer at the Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. to place petitions pleading continuances. Each party involved in the case has the right to acquire a continuance during the progress of the lawsuit

Continuance can be sought for the following reasons:​

  • Preparing for the case: The lawyer may need time to prepare for the case and in this context, the court may grant the continuance. The Virginia Beach DUI lawyer can postpone the case for a few months in the garb of gathering witnesses and evidence.
  • Availability of witnesses: In some cases, the primary witness may become unavailable. It could be because of an illness or emergency. In this situation, the court can delay the case until the witness is ready to be present for the case.
  • Conflicting schedules: The DUI lawyer may be busy attending other cases and the court can accommodate the attorney’s preference.
  • Personal reasons: The defendant can be in a situation unable to attend the court on a specific date. At times judges can be lenient towards the defendant by giving them grace time to make an appearance if the reasons are justified. To get a favorable reply, it is advised to file for proper motion weeks in advance to avoid rejection. Contact your Virginia Beach DUI lawyer if you want to move a motion for continuance.
  • Postponement for big life events: If you have something major coming up in your life like marriage or death in the family, you can ask your Virginia Beach DUI lawyer to seek a continuance. In a situation where your presence is unavoidable, the judge will allow for the postponement of the case. Seek the advice of a Virginia Beach DUI lawyer for more on postponement to take part in live events.
  • In this case, postponement is a defense strategy used by the DUI lawyer to buy time to strengthen your evidence. Also, remember that this strategy may not work all the time. In cases of bodily injury or death of the victim or excessive property damage, this strategy may not work. For more on defense strategies, call your Virginia Beach DUI lawyer

Penalization for the offense

Drivers, arrested for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, are likely to get the following penalization:

  • Incarceration for a definite period.
  • Fine payments.
  • Installations of ignition interlock devices.
  • Rehabilitation programs and community services.
  • Suspension or confiscation of driving licenses.

An ignition interlock device is incorporated into the vehicles of the offenders who will have to blow into this instrument before every ignition. The device determines the blood alcohol contents in the blood of the concerning drivers and stops the ignition of the engine when the observed readings exceed the legal limits of blood alcohol concentrations.

The consequence of the offense in Virginia Beach is the same throughout the state and elsewhere in the country. According to Section 18.2-266, the crime is sometimes referred to as driving while intoxicated. The first offense is treated as a Class 1 misdemeanor with a minimum fine of $250. For those with a BAC of over 0.15, a minimum jail sentence is ordered. If the BAC is extremely high, expect a jail sentence of five to ten days and a maximum of one year and/or fine of $2500.

The second offense is treated as a misdemeanor. The maximum penalty is the same but the jail sentence may increase depending on the BAC. The third offense is a felony and comes with severe punishments.

Whether first, second or third offense, it is important to contact an experienced Virginia Beach DUI lawyer at the Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. Our Virginia Beach DUI lawyer will be able to guide you on the next course of action and give you some useful tips on how to handle the law-enforcing authorities.

Tips to hire a lawyer in Virginia Beach

Analyze and study the situation

Different states observe varied standardized restrictions on desirable alcohol concentration in the blood of the driver while traveling. The VA legislation puts forth mandatory limits of 0.08%, concerning permissible blood alcohol contents. People with blood alcohol concentration (BAC) exceeding these figures are accused of driving under the influence of booze or narcotics in VA. Situations worsen when the arresting officers place reports claiming less cooperation from the accused during the arrest or investigation.

Offenders who use violence during their arrest suffer additional charges for violating and disregarding one or more rules. Simultaneously, they will also be prone to face legal actions inflicted by the Department of Motor Vehicles. An experienced Virginia Beach DUI lawyer will provide effective guidance to resolve all these legal and document issues. The Virginia Beach DUI lawyer proposes plans to achieve speedy progress in the execution of all requisite procedures in the court. Virginia Beach DUI lawyer will also provide steady navigation through all processes of trial.

Avoid self-representation in DUI cases

Virginia DUI Lawyers

Drivers arrested for drunken driving have all the rights to represent themselves at the courts. But a common man will have no prior knowledge to handle a trial. Defendants are often ignorant of the rules that are to be followed during the hearings of a lawsuit. But the Virginia Beach DUI lawyer has adequate expertise and legal skills to turn cases favorable for their clients.

Offenders who exhibit misconduct at the premises of the court may not receive a favorable judgment. The Virginia Beach DUI lawyer is well aware of the code of conduct that is to be observed when in the courts. Moreover, the Virginia Beach DUI lawyer educates their clients on the etiquette that should be adopted during all proceedings of a lawsuit.

Choosing a legal representative in Virginia Beach

People arrested for the crime are eligible to avail of legal representation. During the arrest, the accused is usually briefed about the rights that are available to them by the police officials. Upon facing arrest, a person has the right to remain silent and acquire legal aid from a Virginia Beach DUI lawyer. Those who encounter difficulties to hire a Virginia Beach DUI lawyer can express the same during the trial. In these cases, the court will allot a Virginia Beach DUI lawyer to help those in need. This Virginia Beach DUI lawyer takes care of the lawsuits assigned to them by the judges. Virginia Beach DUI lawyer recommended by the courts, provide services free of cost.

But, on the other hand, a private Virginia Beach DUI lawyer can give personal attention to your case as they have a team of experts to verify the evidence and conduct an investigation on what happened during the arrest. Therefore, they render increased attention and involvement in the case and put the client welfare on top of their list. Additionally, the offender gets to choose a Virginia Beach DUI lawyer based on their preferences. The final choice is left to the defendant. There is no outside influence as in the choice of appointed public attorney.

A person proven guilty for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is likely to suffer legal consequences put forth by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), including confiscation and suspension of licenses. A public defender does not guide the issues involving DMV. But a private Virginia Beach DUI lawyer renders proficient aid in all circumstances. The Virginia Beach DUI lawyer support their clients during matters concerning ‘administrative per se’ agreements, involving the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Explore all resources

The hunt for a Virginia Beach DUI lawyer should be initiated by collecting suggestions from your near and dear. Testimonials published online provide contact details and profiles of the Virginia Beach DUI lawyer. Acquire personal recommendations from the people who have prior experiences in hiring Virginia Beach DUI lawyer. It is always advisable to trust the opinions of the individuals, who have availed legal services before for they are well aware of the abilities of the Virginia Beach DUI lawyer they have worked with.

The necessities of two different lawsuits can never be alike. But verbal references of an efficient Virginia Beach lawyer proves useful in all cases. A Virginia Beach DUI lawyer, in general, has a network through which they get familiarized with colleagues and members of other legal associations. Therefore, offenders who were accused of other accusations earlier can receive suggestions from the Virginia Beach DUI lawyer they have worked with. Before coming up with a final decision concerning the Virginia Beach DUI lawyer, check for their reviews and evaluations posted online.

Size of the legal firms

Virginia Beach DUI lawyer having large-scale legal firms are likely to employ knowledgeable professionals in the state. The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. with a team of efficient and experienced Virginia Beach DUI attorneys devote their time and resources defend their clients successfully. The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. with a reasonable number of employees take a personal interest in your case and their long-standing professional relationships in the legal fraternity put them in an advantageous position. This acquaintance may prove useful for the progress of cases whenever required. A VA Beach DUI lawyer prepares for the trial from day one and ensures the case is taken in your favor. With a team of experts, they work on various options to defend their clients.

Make informed decisions

The Virginia Beach DUI lawyer is the only source of effective legal representation in all related cases. Therefore, make informed decisions during the selection of a Virginia Beach DUI lawyer. A single meeting with a Virginia Beach DUI lawyer through a phone call or personal interview is definitely not adequate. Take as much as time possible before coming up with conclusions regarding Virginia Beach DUI lawyer. The Virginia Beach DUI lawyer who is confident of their skills and abilities will never try to exaggerate their promotions or qualifications. Analyze the potentials of each Virginia Beach DUI lawyer who made it to the list. Render equal consideration to each of the Virginia Beach DUI lawyer tabulated and hire those who seem and appear comfortable, trustworthy, and confident to work with

Cost-free consultation

Laws regulating drunken driving charges encompass a whole range of complexities that appear intimidating to the eyes of a layman. Each lawsuit requires a variety of requisites and ignorance on the same incurs negative effects on the very outcome of a final proceeding. Therefore, it is highly crucial to get help from a Virginia Beach DUI lawyer as they ably access and identify the intensities of a given case. The Virginia Beach DUI lawyer utilizes the loopholes in the legal system to twist it in favor of their clients.

A large number of Virginia Beach DUI lawyers render cost-free initial consultation for those who approach them for legal help. A few Virginia Beach DUI lawyers levy reasonable charges for their services but the money spent is always worth the benefits received. The Virginia Beach DUI lawyer even offers telephonic counseling to those who are unable to contact them personally. The Virginia Beach DUI lawyer works as a team to bring about a positive outcome for their clients.

Those who plan to meet with Virginia Beach DUI lawyer for the first time will be asked to present the following documents during the discussion:

  • Charge sheets against the accused.
  • Documents that elaborate on the dates for trials or hearings.
  • Legal papers concerning bail procedures.
  • Reports prepared by the police during the apprehensions of the offender.
  • Inventory reports submitted by the police authorities.
  • Details of witnesses involved in the case.
  • ·Details of the victims (if any).

Never hide critical facts

Documents and legal papers are not sufficient for a better understanding of the case. The Virginia Beach DUI lawyer prefers personal meetings with their clients. It is only through face-to-face interactions; the Virginia Beach DUI lawyer can comprehend the facts of the lawsuit. Never feel hesitant to reveal private or crucial details to the Virginia Beach DUI lawyer, as the same piece of information may turn useful and critical for the progress of the case eventually. Refraining from disclosing significant claims, lead to faulty assessments of the concerned lawsuit. Therefore, feel free to reveal all details concerning a DUI case to thereby acquire favorable outcomes.

Individuals seeking legal aid should hire only the top Virginia Beach lawyer after proper verification. Guidance from a proficient Virginia Beach DUI lawyer is beneficial in such cases. Research and analyze the profiles of the successful VA attorney and select only those based on competency and efficiency. The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. has a high rate of referral due to our excellent client satisfaction and success rate.


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